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A First-Century Church? Well, sort of.

It isn’t uncommon for a website or church bulletin to have an italicized slogan like, “A 1st Century Church In A 21st Century World.” Cool, right? It’s catchy. It’s fresh. It’s non-confirmative. In a confused ‘community church’-packed world, where staunch denominationalism is increasingly unfashionable and “I’m okay you’re okay” inter-denominationalism is in vogue, churches of […]

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Stuff I Like (5/15/15)

How Lads to Leaders Can Help Families A post I was honored to write for A Legacy of Faith. Contact me if you want to know more about L2L or how to get the program started at your congregation ( Don’t Be A Lukewarm Christian Read this and examine yourself (2 Cor. 13:5). Which Black […]

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Why Baptism Is So Important

Baptism. It’s more than a mere “formality” or “tradition.” Nowhere in the Bible do you find it being administered after someone had been reportedly saved. It is never described as “sprinkling.” And not once was it ever used to “join” someone to a particular congregation or denomination (as if denominations existed in the 1st century). […]

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Yes, Black Lives Matter, But What Is The Question?

Two months ago in my neighborhood, just a few doors down from my house, a 16-year-old African-American was shot by police. He allegedly pointed a gun at an officer when he and four other perpetrators were caught breaking into my neighbor’s residence. The officer shot and killed him in self-defense. Other guns were found in the […]

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More Jesus, Less Doctrine = Less Jesus

It is not unusual, during a Biblical discussion about some peripheral issue (dressing for worship, modesty, the role of women in worship, denominationalism, etc.), for someone to raise his/her hand in frustration and remark, “Can’t we talk more about Jesus, and less about doctrine?” At face value, it is hard to disagree with this sentiment. […]

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Q&A: Should Christians Support Israel?

Should Christians support Israel? Your view of Israel says a lot about your faith and whether or not you believe Jesus and His New Testament. While there is room to disagree over politics, the Bible must always have the last word. So how should Christians see modern-day Israel in light of Scripture? The Political Perspective […]

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Are You Overconfident In Your Righteousness?

The attitude that says, “I will never sin” is negligent. “I will never lust.” “I will never lie.” “I will never shame my Lord.” “I will never be a coward.” “I will never gossip.” “I will never cheat.” Paul warns of this overconfident spirit when he writes, “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands […]

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Keep Those Visitors Coming Back (Part 2)

Everyone is looking for something, which is why your church has visitors. Some are looking for a place that has a strong youth program for their kids. Others are looking for hand-outs or financial assistance. Some are looking for counseling or emotional support. Others are looking to satisfy a pricked conscience since they have been […]

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Keep Those Visitors Coming Back (Part 1)

Fact: Your church will have visitors who never come back. Some will leave after settling their mere curiosity about what you’re all about. Some will leave because what you teach “just isn’t for them.” Some will leave because they were just passing through town on the way to their timeshare in Timbuktu. And some will […]

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Stuff I Like (12/11/14)

It Doesn’t Really Matter What I Think About Fourth Avenue Important points to be made from the recent announcement by the 4th Avenue Church “of Christ” to hire a female preaching intern. The Main Issue Is Not Women’s Role (Or Instrumental Music Or…) Regarding 4th Avenue, again, another timely article by Adam Faughn. The Role […]

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