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Get Angry

Get angry when your entertainment causes you to neglect your obligations (1 Tim. 5:8; Prov. 21:25) Is your love of entertainment hurting your work ethic? Is it taking away from the time you can give to your family? Are you spending more time being entertained than you are communing with God and His Word? Is […]

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Stuff I Like (4/17/14)

The Single Minister Stan Mitchell writes, “It fascinates me how resistant the church is today to the idea of a single man in the ministry. I don’t know how many church members say, “We prefer our preacher to be married.” That single preacher probably prefers to be married, too.” The Proven Ideal Length Of Every […]

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Ben Thinkin’ #2: Baking Cakes For Gay Weddings, Endorsing Sin, and Withdrawing Without Elders

[The Ben Thinkin’ series is a venue for answering questions my readers have submitted. I answer several questions in each post. If you would like to submit questions for future Ben Thinkin’ posts, please leave a comment at the end of the article.] 1. Cindy asks: Can a church without elders practice withdrawal of fellowship from impenitent members?  Yes. […]

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When It Is Time To Leave

[A few days ago I wrote, “Thinking About Leaving Your Church? Not So Fast.” It has generated quite a bit of traffic, and many of you have written some very good responses, both publicly and privately. Some readers have asked: When, if ever, is it okay to leave?] The disease of consumerism is a plague […]

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Thinking About Leaving Your Church? Not So Fast

Sam & Jennifer Johnson just returned from their 2-year anniversary trip. While traveling, they attended a congregation that had a great preacher. His sermons were passionate, dynamic, and interesting. When they returned to their home congregation, they noticed just how dull their own preacher really is. Now in his late sixties, his sermons are predictable, […]

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Stuff I Like (4/4/14)

Why Is Coffee Called Joe? “Say hello to Josephus Daniels, former secretary of the US Navy and namesake of the proverbial cup of joe.” Dr. Bart Ehrman vs. Kyle Butt Debate Tonight, militant atheist Bart Ehrman will be affirming, “The Pain & Suffering In The World Indicate That The Christian God Does Not Exist,” while Kyle Butt, […]

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“Do You Think You’re The Only Ones Going To Heaven?” (The Defense Series)

[Welcome to The Defense Series. The aim of this series is to help Christians more effectively “make a defense” (1 Pet. 3:15) to those who challenge the teachings and values of New Testament Christianity. Don’t be fooled by the title; this article is a rebuttal to the above quote. My prayer is that the following words will help and embolden you as […]

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“I Can’t Stop Sinning!”

Maybe you’ve felt this way before. Maybe you feel this way right now. Whatever sin you may habitually wrestle with – pornography, alcohol, gossip, lust, nicotine, prescription drug abuse, materialism, laziness – you know chronic sin can leave you feeling helpless. Sometimes we identify with the internal struggle of Paul, Paul of course wrote these […]

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Top 10 Posts During March 2014

Here are the top 10 posts from March 2014 in order of traffic: 1. Q&A: Should Christians Celebrate Lent? (3/6/14)2. 10 Things You Need To Know About Leading Worship (But No One Had The Courage To Tell You) (3/18/14)3. “The Bible Doesn’t Say ‘Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin’” (The Defense Series)(6/19/13)4. Things Christians Need To Stop Being Silly About (2/14/14)5. This […]

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