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An Open Letter To Millennials

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Dear Millennial,

You were born somewhere between 1980 and 2004. Statistically, you are educated (you probably graduated college, are in college, or are planning to go to college), you are tech-savvy, you want to make a difference in the world, and you can spot a fraud and a hypocrite from a mile away.

Studies also show that you probably consider yourself a Christian, but not ‘religious,’ per se.  In fact, three out of four people in your generation consider themselves spiritual, but not religious.

Because you’re not exactly the most religious person in the world, you probably don’t regularly attend worship services. As far as Christianity is concerned, you just want to follow Christ, but you don’t want to identify with mainstream religion. 

Why is this? Well, statistically (again), you might not see ‘church’ as something that is necessarily essential. You’re probably disenfranchised with the hypocrisy of other Christians. Religious division turns you off. And you’re [at least somewhat] confused about what to believe about things like the Bible, Jesus, and how God operates.

But, as far as faith is concerned, there’s a good chance you feel a void in your life. And now you may be searching.

  • You want a church that feels like a family.
  • You want more than events; you want to be taught how to actually live a life in Christ.
  • You want a church that utilizes and integrates you into a community of believers.
  • You want a church that challenges you to be a better parent – spouse – student – friend – employee, but most importantly, a better Christian.
  • You don’t like the typical ‘denominational’ church. You just want the simple, pure, vibrant Christianity that existed in the 1st century.

An Invitation

I ask you to give your local church of Christ a chance. At least one.

Our name, “church of Christ,” isn’t really a name, but a description. We just want to be part of the Church that belongs to Christ

Churches of Christ simply want to go back to the pure, uncorrupted Christianity of the 1st century.

We don’t have any kind of ‘council’ or central office (because the 1st century church didn’t have one). All of our churches are autonomous.

Most of our churches are relatively small, but we are a close-knit family.

We don’t claim to be perfect Christians. We’re just authentic people who are trying to live for a perfect Savior.

We love God and His Word, and we want to learn together how to better love Him and follow Him.

While we want to restore simple New Testament Christianity, we sometimes fall short. You might notice some flaws when you visit. We know this, and we need you to help us restore New Testament Christianity even more perfectly!

Please visit us. Come talk to us. Consider being a part of the greatest thing on earth – the Church of Christ!

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