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Tanzanian Mission Trip Report

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Tanzania Mission Group Shot WebHannah and I returned last week from a mission trip to the Iringa region of Tanzania, and we are pleased to report that it went very well.

First off, I want to say “thank you” to everyone who supported this trip with prayer and who provided us with financial assistance. Our two-week trip was exhausting, but productive. We were blessed to work with both the Mtwvilla and Ipogolo congregations, have numerous Bible studies with non-Christians, and conduct a seminar at the Iringa public library on the life & death of Jesus. 

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The Iringa region has roughly 2.5 million residents, yet only has about 50 New Testament Christians. You really have to admire the work of missionaries like the Evans family, with whom we had the joy of working during our trip. 

 A shot of the Mtwvilla congregation during Sunday morning worship:

Mtwvilla Meeting Web

…And a shot of the Ipogolo congregation:

Ipogolo Meeting Web

The first day of our Seminar with Adam Evans teaching on, “Is there any historical information about Jesus?” Many of the denominational leaders of Iringa attended, along with a few Muslims.

Seminar Web

A look at the flyers we were passing out:

The flyer we handed out (with a rough English equivalent on the left, so you can read what it says in Swahili)

The flyer we handed out (with a rough English equivalent on the left, so you can read what it says in Swahili)

Flyer 1 Web

Flyer 2 Web

Miscellaneous pictures from the trip:

Leaving Web Tanzania 1 Web Tanzania 14 Web Tanzania 25 Web Tanzania 27 Web Tanzania 28 Web Tanzania 29 Web Tanzania 35 Web Tanzania 37 Web Tanzania 43 Web Tanzania 55 Web Tanzania 56 Web Tanzania 59 Web Mountain Shot Of House WebTanzania 12 Web Tanzania 13 Web Tanzania 15 Web Tanzania 23 Web Tanzania 26 Web Tanzania 29 Web Tanzania 31 Web Tanzania 39 Web Tanzania 51 Web Tanzania 58 Web Tanzania 71 Web Tanzania 73 Web Walking with Baby Web

You can donate to this work in Iringa, Tanzania here.

Pray for this work, and the other parallel works going on in the country, including:

The Gaines Family

The Evans Family

The Andrew Connally School of Preaching

The Chimala School of Preaching

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