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Book Review – “Fit For The Pulpit”

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Fit For The PulpitSearching for a book about preaching? Want to better understand your preacher? Need a book to give to a young man considering becoming a preacher? Meet the new standard. Fit For The Pulpit: The Preacher & His Challenges is perhaps best general book written in recent times on the subject of preaching. It belongs on every preacher’s shelf. All preachers, especially young preachers (like me), will benefit from this book.

Edited by Chris McCurley, each chapter is written by outstanding preachers like Neal Pollard, Jacob Hawk, Adam Faughn, Dale Jenkins, Jay Lockhart, Jeff A. Jenkins, Kirk Brothers, Michael Whitworth, and Steve Higginbotham.

 The table of contents is as follows:

Chapter 1: The Preacher & His Time (by Chris McCurley)
Chapter 2: The Preacher & His Relationships (by Neal Pollard)
Chapter 3: The Preacher & His Discouragement (by Jacob Hawk)
Chapter 4: The Preacher & His Stress (by Jay Lockhart)
Chapter 5: The Preacher & Criticism (by Jeff A. Jenkins)
Chapter 6: The Preacher & His Family (by Adam Faughn)
Chapter 7: The Preacher & His Finances (by Dale Jenkins)
Chapter 8: The Preacher & Sin (by Kirk Brothers)
Chapter 9: The Preacher & His Attitude (by Michael Whitworth)
Chapter 10: The Preacher & Laziness (by Steve Higginbotham)
Chapter 11: The Preacher & His Core (by Chris McCurley)

While Fit For The Pulpit is about the responsibilities of preaching, it shouldn’t be exclusively for preachers. Every elder needs to read this book, along with everyone who wants to better understand his or her preacher. As Dale Jenkins writes in chapter 7,  “no one understands preachers like other preachers.” But if you’re not a preacher, this book will help. We need more preachers who are trying to improve themselves, and we need more members who are trying to help and better understand their preacher.

The book is an easy read, making it an easy addition to your studies. It can be purchased from Amazon in both paperback and an ebook format. The book is well bound and has a very attractive cover; it will surely fare well throughout the years.

Let me offer you this warning: Fit the the Pulpit will challenge you. At times you will catch yourself saying, “Amen to that!,” and at other times your heart will be pricked because of a guilty conscience. Reading this book motivated me to improve, and I hope it will make you feel the same way.

Update from 2:30PM EST: My initial review, posted this morning, was based upon an advance copy of the ebook. The occasional typos I referenced have all since been fixed in both the ebook and the paperback copy. Since I mentioned the [very few] typos [in what I now know was a draft] as being the biggest detractor, the book is now just about perfect. My sincere and humble apologies for my hasty mistake. Go buy the book!

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