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Introducing The Online Bookstore

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Credit: Instagram User candfood

I’m a book guy. I love books. Arguably, I have an addiction.

Therefore, I’m pleased to announce the newest feature of this website: my online bookstore

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working out the bugs, and I think I have it how I want it (for now). 

You can access the bookstore by clicking “shop” (located in the top navigation bar) or by clicking the bookstore ad on the right. Currently, the products are divided into four (4) categories:

1. Collectible (Historical items from the Restoration Movement)
2. New Books
3. Used Books
4. Video

I like to think that my prices are competitive. And shipping, regardless of the order size, is a flat $3.95. 

I’m really excited to be able to sell some great items from Colley Books, particularly the two [relatively new] DVDs, Building Great Kids and Grooming Your Next Elders/Selecting A Preacher

Since I am just launching this, please E-mail me ( if you notice any problems in the checkout process. 


Credit: Gabriel J. Bell

One Response to Introducing The Online Bookstore

  1. Lynn McDaniel February 27, 2014 at 6:47 PM #

    I could spend a day in your store! LOVE it!!

    Lynn McDaniel
    -Author of Yes, I Can! and Yes, I Can Too!

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