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Stuff I Like (2/20/14)

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Stuff I LikeBill Nye/Ken Ham Debate Review: Tying Up Really Loose Ends

Anyone else disappointed in the debate? In this article, Dr. Jeff Miller does a great job answering the unanswered questions in the debate. 

How Pornography Is Robbing Men… And Boys

Adam Faughn writes, “Pornography is not just something that provides a little “tease” or even a little “escape,” however. It is dangerous. We know that it is habit-forming (dare I say, “addictive”), and research has proven that time and again. The earlier the exposure, the more likely a problem or even an addiction can form. Boys now average the age of just 11 for their first exposure. And the age is dropping.

 How To Talk To People With Chronic Illnesses

Richard Mansel writes on a topic I – and perhaps other ministers – struggle with. How can we better minister to those in chronic pain?

5 Strategies For Becoming A Better Conversationalist

Michael Hyatt writes, “Your ability to lead is directly tied to your ability to lead powerful conversations. But this isn’t going to happen unless you are genuinely curious and other-centered. Regardless, if you want to increase your influence, you have to perfect the gentle art of conversational ping pong.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Another article in my never-ending quest to find the best way to make coffee. 

Ever get the feeling people are putting words in your mouth?

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