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Stuff I Like (3/7/14)

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Stuff I LikeDressing Our Daughter For Who We Want Her To Be

Adam Faughn writes, “Parents, it’s time we had a vision for who we want our daughters to be, and it’s time we cast that vision across every area of her life. That includes her clothes!”

The Scientifically Best Times To Drink Coffee During The Day

Between 9:30 and 11:30am. 

Have We Stopped Thinking?

Steven Hunter writes, “The greatest mistake people make is thinking that they have arrived at a fullness of knowledge, or truth. Scholars, students, preachers, and even the common man must continue to reinvent themselves. Retirement in American society should not be a resignation to nothingness, but a redirection of one’s faculties toward some unchartered territory of knowledge that has been elusive because of the workaday. Perhaps this accounts for those who immediately pass away after laborious retirement? The restless sort will go to their grave swinging for the fences to keep knowing (cf. 2 Tim. 4.13).”

What About Divorce And Remarriage Before Baptism?

Weylan Deaver writes, “There seem to be far too many congregations who think Jesus’ teaching (at least on divorce) does not apply to people until after conversion. Yet, we have shown that to be error. If society had not drifted so far away from biblical teaching, the church might not be divided on this issue. But society has drifted. And the devil wants to take the church along with it.”

Noah: Five Negative Features About This Film

As it turns out, the movie Noah (hitting theaters on March 28th) isn’t really about the Biblical Noah after all. Surprise, surprise. In this article, Jerry A. Johnson (not a N.T. Christian), President & CEO of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) shares his thoughts on the shortcomings of the film. 

Building A Theological Library

Looking to beef up your library? Dr. Daniel Aiken, president of Southeastern Baptist Seminary offers his excellent recommendations for commentaries and other theological books. This is now one of the first places I look when seeking a commentary or other kind of book. Be warned, these book suggestions are coming from a Calvinistic perspective. Nonetheless, his list is excellent. 

Where did the time go come from?

More than you ever wanted to know about time. 

(Bucket List item #56: go get a cup of coffee with this guy)

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