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“I Can’t Stop Sinning!”

Maybe you’ve felt this way before. Maybe you feel this way right now. Whatever sin you may habitually wrestle with – pornography, alcohol, gossip, lust, nicotine, prescription drug abuse, materialism, laziness – you know chronic sin can leave you feeling helpless. Sometimes we identify with the internal struggle of Paul, Paul of course wrote these […]

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Have You Listened To The Other Side?

Do you have strong religious beliefs and convictions? If so, great! But are you honest and well informed in your beliefs, or are you ignorantly (or worse, dishonestly) clinging to uninformed convictions? See, it is one thing to have convictions. It is another thing to have confidence in your faith because you have weighed all […]

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10 Arguments for the Existence of God

Christians often encounter people who doubt the existence of God. While most atheists & agnostics are non-confrontational, there is a vocal minority who are obnoxious, aggressive, and downright mean. When you are ridiculed, do you back down, or do you eagerly defend your faith? Below are 10 arguments for the existence of God. They specifically […]

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Is Something Causing You To Lose Focus?

In Judges 7, Gideon is about to attack the Midianites when God tells him that his army of 32,000 men is too large. God knew that when Israel won the battle, they would boast and take credit for the victory instead of attributing the victory to Him. Gideon sent 22,000 men back home, leaving only […]

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