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Resources To Help Get You Unstuck

God’s Word is timeless. So why are you packaging it as if it is stuck in the 90’s? Scripture is just as essential today as it was millennia ago. But it is your job – the teacher, elder, preacher, blogger, etc. – to teach it in a relevant, practical way. And in our iPhone-packed, social […]

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Preachers, Take That Hobbyhorse Out To Pasture

Sam and Veronica, a young couple, are expecting their first child in the next few months. They are scared, because in the last 2 years they have had two miscarriages. Jennifer, now in her late 40’s, recently lost her husband to another woman and is now suffering through an ugly divorce process. To make matters […]

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Working Together: Protecting The Precious Elder/Minister Relationship

According to Flavil Yeakley, the average preacher tenure in the United States is 2.2 years. He also reports that over 600 ministers leave the ministry every year. Not 600 leave their congregation – they leave the ministry altogether. I don’t know about you, but I think these are staggering numbers.  Now, I certainly understand that there are a […]

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The Preacher Rules

I grew up being taught the preacher rules. Not “rules” as in “dictatorship,” but “rules” as in “guidelines.” These rules refer to how a preacher counsels and interacts with women. Preachers must establish practical boundaries in order to protect themselves, other women, and the church. I’ve known of far too many preachers who thought they […]

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The Beauty Of The Standing Desk

[Occasionally I write an article that doesn’t have anything to do with theology. This is one such post. However, those who appreciate the importance of spending hours of studying Holy Writ may find this post interesting.] I usually spend anywhere between 25-40 hours a week in my study working on sermons, writing articles and blog […]

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They Thought Jesus Was Crazy Too

Jesus had just finished revealing Himself as The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-16), predicting His death and resurrection (10:17), and reaffirming his relationship with the Father and His complete commitment to His Father’s Will (10:18), when many responded (10:20), This text is both discouraging and encouraging to me. I find it discouraging because most of His […]

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Have A Q&A Session At Your Church

I think every church needs to have a Question & Answer session, and for several reasons. Does your church do something like this? Why should your church have a regular Question & Answer session? 1. It’s good for the church. People are asking the preacher questions (some easy, some tough), and he is answering them. […]

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Puny Preaching

As a man, I like food. I mean, I really like food. Luckily I live in Louisville – a town with a great restaurant scene. For Valentines’ Day, Hannah and I tried a new restaurant. It looked like a fancy restaurant, and the online reviews were overwhelmingly positive. The waiters were well dressed and the […]

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10 Advantages of Poor Church Leadership

1. You don’t have to worry about running out of auditorium seating or parking spaces. 2. You don’t have to pray or rely on God as much. Whatever happens, happens. Don’t worry about all that ‘faith’ stuff. 3. You give the loudest and most opinionated member — man or woman — the opportunity to decide […]

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A Note to Young Preachers (Like Me)

I’ve held a ministry-related office since I was a senior in high school (which wasn’t very long ago). Though I’m a preacher, I’m a young preacher. I’m still ‘green’ so to speak. When I seek the counsel of older and wiser preachers, I’m sometimes told what Paul said to Timothy, “Let no one despise you […]

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