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Becoming A More Discerning Reader

The proliferation of fake news sites, YouTube faux journalism, and social media has produced an atmosphere online where people simultaneously post anything and believe nothing. Websites for news organizations fill their pages with click bait links designed to increase web traffic while placing important stories so deep in the recesses of the menus that a […]

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Your Systematic Theology Is Showing

They say everyone’s a critic. Well, everyone’s a theologian, too. Even in our increasingly secular, post-Christian world, theology is inescapable. You see, every worldview has theological implications. For example, atheism is the theological view that God does not exist. Secularism is the theological attempt to separate religion from everyday life. Postmodernism is the theological idea […]

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Keep Those Visitors Coming Back (Part 1)

Fact: Your church will have visitors who never come back. Some will leave after settling their mere curiosity about what you’re all about. Some will leave because what you teach “just isn’t for them.” Some will leave because they were just passing through town on the way to their timeshare in Timbuktu. And some will […]

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Welcome To The World: Ezra Lee Giselbach

A week ago yesterday (September 18, 11:45am) my son came into the world at 10lbs 1oz! What a whopper! I can’t get over how God has blessed us with a perfect little (I’m using “little” loosely) boy – healthy in every way. And mom is recovering remarkably well! Please keep us in your prayers as […]

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Introducing The Online Bookstore

I’m a book guy. I love books. Arguably, I have an addiction. Therefore, I’m pleased to announce the newest feature of this website: my online bookstore.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been working out the bugs, and I think I have it how I want it (for now).  You can access the bookstore by […]

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Tanzanian Mission Trip Report

Hannah and I returned last week from a mission trip to the Iringa region of Tanzania, and we are pleased to report that it went very well. First off, I want to say “thank you” to everyone who supported this trip with prayer and who provided us with financial assistance. Our two-week trip was exhausting, […]

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Off To Tanzania – Be Back On The 26th

Last month I had to step away from my blog for Polishing the Pulpit; this month I’ll be out-of-pocket for even longer. Hannah and I have been blessed with the opportunity to assist the Church in Iringa, Tanzania for two weeks (starting Wednesday the 11th). Two men from Cedar Springs are also coming with us. I […]

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PlainSimpleFaith Given A New Look

In the last few days I’ve been doing some minor updates for my blog, PlainSimpleFaith. You will find that the general layout has remained pretty much the same. Here’s a summary of the changes made: New logo & color scheme. Simplified & minimized.  Small enhancements to streamline the site’s interface. Responsive layout. The site has […]

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God & Gun Control

Gun control is a hot topic guaranteed to ruffle someone’s feathers. It seems like everyone has a strong opinion on the subject. Since the deplorable Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, it has become a very emotional topic, and sadly, a very political issue. Naturally, as an American nationalist and strong believer in the Bill of […]

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