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Ben Thinkin’ #2: Baking Cakes For Gay Weddings, Endorsing Sin, and Withdrawing Without Elders

[The Ben Thinkin’ series is a venue for answering questions my readers have submitted. I answer several questions in each post. If you would like to submit questions for future Ben Thinkin’ posts, please leave a comment at the end of the article.] 1. Cindy asks: Can a church without elders practice withdrawal of fellowship from impenitent members?  Yes. […]

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Discipline Isn’t A Four Letter Word

The world has infiltrated our churches. In our homes and in our school systems, “discipline” has been replaced with “positive reinforcement,” “verbal affirmation,” and “therapeutic rotten ninny making” (Okay, I made that last one up). Within our society, “discipline” evokes other words like “cold,” “outdated,” “uncaring,” and “heartless.” It is the new four-letter word in […]

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