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Why I Love A Cappella Music In Worship

“Aren’t you the people who don’t have music?” Yep, that’s us. Mere Christians. Except we really do have music – and we love music. When it comes to our worship, however, we just don’t use man-made instruments to accompany our music. We simply use the strings (psallo) of the heart: our voices. People who walk […]

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A First-Century Church? Well, sort of.

It isn’t uncommon for a website or church bulletin to have an italicized slogan like, “A 1st Century Church In A 21st Century World.” Cool, right? It’s catchy. It’s fresh. It’s non-confirmative. In a confused ‘community church’-packed world, where staunch denominationalism is increasingly unfashionable and “I’m okay you’re okay” inter-denominationalism is in vogue, churches of […]

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Q&A: Should Christians Celebrate Lent?

What Exactly Is Lent? Lent is the 40-day Catholic religious season of preparation before “Easter Sunday” (though many other denominations within Christendom also participate). The Lenten season begins on “Ash Wednesday,” with many solemnly marking their foreheads with ash in the shape of a cross, repenting, and “fasting” (or giving up certain foods or pleasures) […]

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Have We Finally Restored New Testament Christianity?

I love the Church my Lord started in the 1st century. Members of churches of Christ are dedicated to restoring New Testament Christianity. Go ahead, play the semantic word game by calling us things like “legalists” or “patternists.” Name-calling is to be expected. We simply want to resemble the Bride that Christ loves (cf. Eph. […]

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