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Q&A: Should Christians Support Israel?

Should Christians support Israel? Your view of Israel says a lot about your faith and whether or not you believe Jesus and His New Testament. While there is room to disagree over politics, the Bible must always have the last word. So how should Christians see modern-day Israel in light of Scripture? The Political Perspective […]

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Why I Love The Church Of Christ

If you are able to attend a worship service of the church of Christ next Sunday, you probably wouldn’t see anything too fancy. The simple worship you will witness will probably fall short of the much more entertaining services of large denominational or ‘community’ churches. The methods you will see will probably not reflect the latest […]

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10 Things You Need To Know About Leading Worship (But No One Had The Courage To Tell You)

We sometimes wince when Christians commit the following mistakes. But we cringe when they make the following mistakes during the worship assembly. If you are a member of the Lord’s Church – especially if you teach class, make announcements, read, pray, or lead the communion of the Lord’s Supper – please consider the following observations. […]

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Stuff I Like 2

Stuff I Like (1/23/14)

I’m Glad She Didn’t Listen To Me I really enjoy reading stories of conversion, especially when it involves a father talking about his children.   2014 FHU Lectureship: The Patience Of Hope I’m not able to attend this year, but I hope you are!   “The Wolf Of Wall Street” And A Vanishing Conscience Adam […]

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Have We Finally Restored New Testament Christianity?

I love the Church my Lord started in the 1st century. Members of churches of Christ are dedicated to restoring New Testament Christianity. Go ahead, play the semantic word game by calling us things like “legalists” or “patternists.” Name-calling is to be expected. We simply want to resemble the Bride that Christ loves (cf. Eph. […]

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The Big Picture

It would do us well to think about the ‘big picture’ of Christendom from time to time. Despite the devil whispering in our ears, “It’s no big deal,” how we view Christianity is a big deal. Thankfully, our approach to Christianity can be fairly simple. Consider the words of Wayne Jackson, There are two basic […]

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Q&A: What Is The Principle of Silence?

The principle of silence (also called the principle of exclusion or the principle of specificity) is one of the most important principles for the Christian to understand. It determines what is permitted or prohibited in all aspects of faith and religion. Simply put, the principle of silence states that God’s silence on a particular issue […]

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What Is Restoration Theology?

Imagine that within the next few generations, people stop drinking Coca-Cola. The “Coca-Cola” logo, currently the most recognizable logo in the world, is forgotten to obscurity, and the Coca-Cola Company goes bankrupt, sells its assets, and is completely dissolved. It’s as if Coca-Cola never existed. But one day, decades later, someone is sifting through a […]

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We Have What Millennials Want

I have long believed that the principle of simply restoring New Testament Christianity is more appealing to my generation (Millennials) than it is to any other recent generation. And the more I study the Millennial generation, the more my theory is validated. Thom Rainer, a notable figure among the Southern Baptist denomination and president/CEO of […]

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"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

Back To The Beginning

Change happens, just accept it. Our world has been changing since the beginning of the world, and it seems to be happening more rapidly than ever. Religiously speaking, change happened in the 1st century just like it is happening in the 21st century. Sure, some of the issues that the 1st century church faced have […]

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