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Stuff I Like 2

Stuff I Like (12/11/14)

It Doesn’t Really Matter What I Think About Fourth Avenue Important points to be made from the recent announcement by the 4th Avenue Church “of Christ” to hire a female preaching intern. The Main Issue Is Not Women’s Role (Or Instrumental Music Or…) Regarding 4th Avenue, again, another timely article by Adam Faughn. The Role […]

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Questions About The Role Of Women In The Church

Does God give men and women equal leadership capacities in the church? This is one of the most hotly debated issues in Christendom today. Despite the ‘politically correct’ feminist agenda in our society, the concepts of (a) God giving men & women equal value and (b) God giving men & women different roles are not contradictory. Consider […]

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The Preacher Rules

I grew up being taught the preacher rules. Not “rules” as in “dictatorship,” but “rules” as in “guidelines.” These rules refer to how a preacher counsels and interacts with women. Preachers must establish practical boundaries in order to protect themselves, other women, and the church. I’ve known of far too many preachers who thought they […]

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