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Why I Love A Cappella Music In Worship

“Aren’t you the people who don’t have music?” Yep, that’s us. Mere Christians. Except we really do have music – and we love music. When it comes to our worship, however, we just don’t use man-made instruments to accompany our music. We simply use the strings (psallo) of the heart: our voices. People who walk […]

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Resources To Help Get You Unstuck

God’s Word is timeless. So why are you packaging it as if it is stuck in the 90’s? Scripture is just as essential today as it was millennia ago. But it is your job – the teacher, elder, preacher, blogger, etc. – to teach it in a relevant, practical way. And in our iPhone-packed, social […]

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10 Things You Need To Know About Leading Worship (But No One Had The Courage To Tell You)

We sometimes wince when Christians commit the following mistakes. But we cringe when they make the following mistakes during the worship assembly. If you are a member of the Lord’s Church – especially if you teach class, make announcements, read, pray, or lead the communion of the Lord’s Supper – please consider the following observations. […]

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When Worship Is Worthless

Brother Jones comes to church every Sunday and hasn’t missed a service for the past 50 years. Yet, he is very materialistic and is stingy in his contribution to the Church. He usually comes to the midweek Bible study, too, unless he hears about an estate auction he wants to attend. Brother Williams, in addition to […]

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