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About Ben

Who am I? My name is Ben Giselbach [pronounced giz-el-bawk]. You can just stick with Ben.

I’m married to the most wonderful woman on the planet, together we have two really great kids, I am a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, and I am the pulpit minister at the Edgewood church of Christ. Above all, however, I am a completely devoted follower of Jesus. In the words of Paul, “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus,” “…that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead” (Phil. 3:14, 11). My goal in life is pretty simple. I merely want to go to Heaven, and in the process bring my wife, my family, my friends, and as many other people as I can with me.

This is my personal blog. Its purpose is to teach – and help those who teach – New Testament Christianity. I am a big believer in not just helping to reform Christendom, but actually restoring Christianity to the plain and simple teachings of the New Testament.

Top Posts

If you are new to my site, you might want to start by reading some of my most popular posts:

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Christ & His Church
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3. Reinventing Jesus: Meet The New Savior
4. 10 Things Satan Loves At Your Congregation
5. Churches of Christ Didn’t Begin During the American Restoration Movement

1. A Note To Young Preachers (Like Me)
2. How Preachers Can Ensure Their Children Don’t Hate The Church When They Grow Up
3. 7 Tips for Thinking Right About Bible Translations
4. Preachers, Take That Hobby Horse Out To Pasture
5. Stop Wishing for “the Good Old Days” of the Church

1. Why Baptism Is So Important
2. 5 Things I Can’t Find In My Bible
3. How should we respond to those who say, “The Bible Doesn’t Say, ‘Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin’?”
4. Q&A: Are Christian Women Required To Wear Head Coverings During Worship?
5. What Must I Do To STAY Saved?


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Contact Information

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More Stuff About Me

Some other things about me that you absolutely must know:

  • I enjoy marksmanship and talking about firearms.
  • I don’t just like coffee; I am a complete coffee snob. The truth is — good coffee starts with fresh, medium-to-dark roast beans, newly ground in a classic hand-crank coffee grinder, then immediately brewed in a French press and allowed to seep for 2 minutes. That’s good coffee.
  • I collect old first edition Restoration Movement literature.
  • I consider myself a Northerner (and proud of it!).
  • I like antiques – especially vintage advertising. Give me an old porcelain sign with a hint of rust, and I’ll be your #1 fan for life.
  • I don’t know anything about football, though by marriage I have a contractual obligation to be an Alabama fan.
  • I play the piano and can’t listen to enough jazz.
  • I enjoy web and graphic design, though I’m just an amateur.
  • Road trips with my wife are the funnest things in the world.
  • I thoroughly enjoy woodworking and building furniture.

10 Responses to About Ben

  1. Ross Jordan June 18, 2013 at 3:50 PM #

    Hey Ben,
    I so glad to hear from you via your blog. You and wife were a great addition to our local church brotherhood, I’m sorry you are not around here anymore. The Lord bless you both where you are. Ross

    • Ben June 19, 2013 at 10:33 AM #

      Thanks brother! It is good to hear from you and an honor that you visited my blog! Hopefully we’ll run into one another again in the future. I hope you and yours are doing well.

      • Raymond Elliott March 7, 2014 at 8:32 PM #

        Hello Ben, I saw your article via Kimberly Hart’s Facebook, Timeline.She and John have been our friends since the 1990s when we began the work in Clayton, Tiger, GA area. Their oldest child was a babe in her arms. The Prattville, AL congregation began that congregation while I was the preacher. I concluded my full-time work with them in 1999. We have ‘homesteaded’ in Prattville and I presently preach for the Luverne, AL church which is about 65 miles south of our home. I agree with your article regarding the Lent season. Someone placed on FB this week that “their dryer had given up lint”. I am sending you the link to one of my blogs. You will find additional ones on the right side. I have another one entitled ISSUES IN THE CHURCH but I chose not to place it with this one because I did not want non-members to read about the problems we are now facing in the church today. Please add me to your articles, etc. My wife, Virginia is on Facebook. In brotherly kindness,

  2. Ebere Ezurike November 4, 2014 at 9:08 AM #

    Bro. Ben thank yoy for the good work.I just fall in love with your write_up. Keep it up.

  3. Ruth Walker February 8, 2015 at 7:32 PM #

    Giz-el-bawk? That’s funny, your wife says it’s SMITH!

  4. Elihu May 29, 2015 at 4:50 PM #

    Thank you for the relevant and thoughtful posts. Keep on contending for the faith. God be with you.

  5. Paul Tipton August 18, 2015 at 7:57 PM #

    Read your article “Thinking about Leaving Your Church? Not so fast.” Great article—all the reasons for leaving are so familiar.

  6. Brett Hickey July 12, 2017 at 3:23 PM #


    I love your article from Featley’s book, Dippers Dipt. Do you happen to have photocopies of the places where you glean the doctrinal material?


  7. Hector Cruz January 30, 2018 at 8:00 AM #

    Hi brother Ben,
    I am very excited for reading your blog and the excellent stuff you have to share with others. Definitely I’d love to keep in touch with you. I am the Hispanic Minister at Church St Church of Christ in Lewisburg, TN..
    Blessings in Christ,
    Hector Cruz

  8. bobbi February 3, 2018 at 4:35 AM #

    Ben, I truly enjoyed the article on Lent. Today, I had been conflicted because I grew up Catholic, and then attended Episcopalian, and today, the funeral of our former incredible Priest. I left the church wondering why, in our (current) Foursquare Church, we do not celebrate Lent? You mentioned something about tradition vs What does the Bible teach/tell us? and that resonated well with me. Also, let me off the hook for the list of things to give up! Just kidding. I am mindful of the proper use of The Word. I look forward to reading your articles and seeing your responses. I am relieved to have found a place on social media that has clear boundaries so things do not become threats and insults. Thank you for the clearly written article.

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