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A Crash Course on Providence 4x3

A Crash Course on God’s Providence

There’s some confusion about God’s providence. To be frank, I don’t quite understand it that well myself. That is not to say, however, that the Bible doesn’t lay out some parameters in our understanding of providence. However we understand God’s providence, we need to make sure it is in harmony with God’s Word. Consider the […]

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We Need To Embrace the Trinity 4x3

We Need To Embrace The Trinity

Though “Trinity” is not a word found in the Bible, the idea is there. It refers to the “three-in-oneness” of God; Three persons, one essence. Should We Use The Word “Trinity?” Occasionally a well-meaning Christian will remark, “I don’t like the word “Trinity” because it’s not found in the Bible. I prefer the word “Godhead” […]

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