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The lesson outlines below are intended to help your lesson preparation and personal studies. They are free for your personal use. I have two requests: (1) Give credit where credit is due, and (2) use these outlines to supplement your sermon preparation (i.e. don’t preach these without any further study).

I know there aren’t many here; their formatting and placement online can be tedious. More outlines will be added as time permits.

Click the sermon title to see the outline, and click “PowerPoint” to view the slideshow.

Real Preaching (PowerPoint)
If God Had One Wish (PowerPoint)
Is Judging Wrong? (PowerPoint)
An Important Question
Wake Up From Your Spiritual Sleep (PowerPoint)
Challenges Facing The Next Generation (PowerPoint)
What Is A Christian Home? (PowerPoint)
Common Questions About Salvation (PowerPoint)
Walking In The Spirit (PowerPoint)
Children After Him (PowerPoint)
The Danger of a Hard Heart
An Invitation To Die (PowerPoint)
Remembering King Uzziah
Ignoring the Warnings (PowerPoint)
Grace & Grateful Living (PowerPoint)
Our God Of Compassion (PowerPoint)
The Purpose of the Church
Be Sure! (PowerPoint)
To Withdraw Or Not To Withdraw (PowerPoint)
How to Achieve True Unity
Make Next Year A Great Year (PowerPoint)
Developing Spiritual Strength (PowerPoint)
The Basis for Spiritual Success: The Word of God (PowerPoint)
Check Salvation (PowerPoint)
Full of Deadly Poison (PowerPoint)
Build Up One Another (PowerPoint)
Truth In Action (PowerPoint)
10 Characteristics of Spiritual People (PowerPoint)
Staying Up In A Down World (PowerPoint)

Series: “Why We’re Different“ (See Flyer
Why We Need To Be Different (PowerPoint)
The Design Of The Church (PowerPoint)
The Mentality Of Worship (PowerPoint)
What’s In A Name (PowerPoint)
The Truth About Salvation (PowerPoint)
Beautiful Restoration

Series: “Churchy Words”
Churchy Words – Apostasy (PowerPoint)
Churchy Words – Fellowship (PowerPoint)
Churchy Words – Sanctification (PowerPoint)

Series: “The Gospel Of John” (Still In Progress)
John 1:1-18: The Word Became Flesh (PowerPoint)
John 1:19-34: The Way Of Christ Prepared (PowerPoint)
John 1:35-51: We Have Found The Messiah (PowerPoint)
John 2:1-11: The First Sign (PowerPoint)
John 2:12-25: The Tables Have Turned (PowerPoint)
John 3:1-21: Ticket To The Kingdom (PowerPoint)
John 3:22-36: The Measure Of Greatness (PowerPoint)
John 4:1-26: Giving Living Water – Part 1 (PowerPoint)
John 4:27-42: Giving Living Water – Part 2 (PowerPoint)
John 4:43-54: Believing Is More Than Seeing (PowerPoint)
John 5:1-18: Do You Want To Be Healed? (PowerPoint)
John 5:19-30: Jesus: Lunatic Or God? (PowerPoint)
John 5:31-47: Selective Hearing (PowerPoint)
John 6:1-15: Which Jesus Do You Serve? (PowerPoint)
John 6:16-21: I AM; Do Not Be Afraid (PowerPoint)
John 6:22-35; 48-58: The Bread Of Life (PowerPoint)
John 6:36-47: Barriers To Grace (PowerPoint)
John 6:59-71: Do You Want To Go Away As Well? (PowerPoint)
John 7:1-52: Who Do Men Say That I Am? (PowerPoint)
John 7:53-8:11: Go, And Sin No More (PowerPoint)
John 8:12-29: The Claims Of Jesus (PowerPoint)
John 8:30-59: The Truth Shall Set You Free (PowerPoint)

3 Responses to Outlines

  1. Tom Thomas February 20, 2013 at 11:46 AM #

    Great! Looking forward to reading them.

  2. Vicky Yocum March 2, 2013 at 9:35 PM #

    Thanks for putting the time into this!  I love your love for the Word!

  3. Alan C. Rohner May 30, 2013 at 2:26 AM #


    This is my first time reading your ‘blog’; if that is what it is called.
    I appreciate the efforts you have put into this. Thank you brother.
    The one thing I wanted to mention or comment on is your series called
    ‘Churchy Words’. Ben, after reading that title I thought that it sounded
    familiar or similar to the way I think the responsibility each Christian
    has when he/she is speaking with another person.
    The words we choose to use might be important when speaking or studying
    with another person. I remember some years ago when I was at my Mom’s
    condo she said, ‘You mean you were baptized again?’ She said this after
    she learned I was now a member within the Lord’s body/church.
    Mom and Dad had raised me and my sisters in the United Methodist Church.
    Anyway Ben, I’m sorry…I do not mean to ramble on but I wanted to let you know I was very happy to see/read your Blog.

    Pt. Pleasant church of Christ

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