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the real meaning of matthew 1820 4x3

The Real Meaning of Matthew 18:20

To be sure, these are words of reassurance. But don’t misapply Matthew 18:20. It isn’t a therapeutic passage for Christians who are depressed over a shrinking membership roster. Jesus isn’t talking about low attendance numbers or being forced to worship in a hotel room with your family when there isn’t a local church with which […]

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why its important to sing 4x3

Why It’s So Important To Sing Together

Whenever I get the occasional chance to witness a worship service at a denominational or “non-denominational” church,[1] I’ve always been surprised by how few people in the audience actually sing. I’m not “judging” anyone here. I’m just making a personal observation.[2] Whether it is the country Baptist church holding a revival with 30 people in attendance […]

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How To Convert Unconverted Christians

There’s a saying I’ve grown up hearing: “The most difficult part of ministry is not converting non-Christians; rather, the most difficult part of ministry is converting Christians.” I know the statement isn’t completely accurate. Technically, there’s no such thing as an “unconverted Christian.” Either you are a Christian, or you are unconverted. But it certainly […]

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The Real State Of The Union Is Undeniable

Last night, President Barack Obama gave the 2014 “State of the Union” address to congress. Over the course of his 65 minute speech, he discussed matters such as the tax code, infrastructure, federal minimum wage, energy, education, healthcare, defense, and diplomatic efforts. Historically, the State of the Union address is presented annually by the President […]

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Stuff I Like 2

Stuff I Like (1/23/14)

I’m Glad She Didn’t Listen To Me I really enjoy reading stories of conversion, especially when it involves a father talking about his children.   2014 FHU Lectureship: The Patience Of Hope I’m not able to attend this year, but I hope you are!   “The Wolf Of Wall Street” And A Vanishing Conscience Adam […]

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When Not To Be A Barnabas

The Church needs more people like Barnabas – more “sons of encouragement” (cf. Acts 4:36). We need more people who, like Barnabas, are self-sacrificing (cf. Acts 4:37), are willing to stand up for their brethren (cf. Acts 9:26-27), are encouraging (cf. Acts 11:22-24), and are able to always see the goodness in people (cf. Acts […]

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10 Advantages of Poor Church Leadership

1. You don’t have to worry about running out of auditorium seating or parking spaces. 2. You don’t have to pray or rely on God as much. Whatever happens, happens. Don’t worry about all that ‘faith’ stuff. 3. You give the loudest and most opinionated member — man or woman — the opportunity to decide […]

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