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When “Book, Chapter, Verse” Becomes A Bad Thing

Few Bible characters take as much of a beating from our pulpits today as the Pharisees. It seems everyone wants his turn in taking a swipe at them. To be labeled a modern-day “Pharisee” is considered one of the worst things you could be called. We almost can’t even utter the name “Pharisee” without scowling. […]

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Why It’s Wrong To Keep Truth And Grace In Balance

We want to be balanced people. It is considered a good thing to have a balanced diet or to keep a healthy balance between work and pleasure. But sometimes, balance is a bad thing. For example, finding a balance between fidelity and infidelity in marriage – or between honesty and dishonesty – doesn’t make any […]

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What It Means To Be Free In Christ

“Jesus has set me free. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about getting everything right,” said one Christian. “Yes,” another chimed in. “Trying to follow every command in the Bible would make you a legalist, when Jesus specifically freed you from the Law.” Is this what the Bible teaches? After all, Jesus said: And Paul […]

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Things Christians Need To Stop Being Silly About

Some discussions are simply nauseating to me. Why? Because when people take them too far (as they sometimes do), they become downright silly. Note the following: Interracial Marriage Right now, there is a controversy surrounding a [heart-warming and adorable] superbowl Cheerios commercial (watch this one too while you’re at it). Why? Because it featured an […]

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Have We Finally Restored New Testament Christianity?

I love the Church my Lord started in the 1st century. Members of churches of Christ are dedicated to restoring New Testament Christianity. Go ahead, play the semantic word game by calling us things like “legalists” or “patternists.” Name-calling is to be expected. We simply want to resemble the Bride that Christ loves (cf. Eph. […]

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