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How To Convert Unconverted Christians

There’s a saying I’ve grown up hearing: “The most difficult part of ministry is not converting non-Christians; rather, the most difficult part of ministry is converting Christians.” I know the statement isn’t completely accurate. Technically, there’s no such thing as an “unconverted Christian.” Either you are a Christian, or you are unconverted. But it certainly […]

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When It Is Time To Leave

[A few days ago I wrote, “Thinking About Leaving Your Church? Not So Fast.” It has generated quite a bit of traffic, and many of you have written some very good responses, both publicly and privately. Some readers have asked: When, if ever, is it okay to leave?] The disease of consumerism is a plague […]

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Thinking About Leaving Your Church? Not So Fast

Sam & Jennifer Johnson just returned from their 2-year anniversary trip. While traveling, they attended a congregation that had a great preacher. His sermons were passionate, dynamic, and interesting. When they returned to their home congregation, they noticed just how dull their own preacher really is. Now in his late sixties, his sermons are predictable, […]

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Yes, Local Church Membership Is Essential

“I’m a Christian, and I usually go to church. Sometimes I go to Church A and sometimes I go to Church B. The Bible doesn’t say I have to place membership anywhere.” Maybe you’ve heard this before. Maybe you’ve even said this before. Let’s think for a moment. Does the Bible really not teach church […]

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