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Cowardly Lion 4x3

10 Things You Need To Know About Leading Worship (But No One Had The Courage To Tell You)

We sometimes wince when Christians commit the following mistakes. But we cringe when they make the following mistakes during the worship assembly. If you are a member of the Lord’s Church – especially if you teach class, make announcements, read, pray, or lead the communion of the Lord’s Supper – please consider the following observations. […]

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When Your Faith Is Weak 4x3

When Your Faith Is Weak

Sometimes you feel weak spiritually. And when you do, you probably feel like you’re the only one. You’re not alone. Every Christian experiences times of weakness. What does weak faith feel like? Sometimes it manifests itself in: Wondering if God is in control. Questioning whether God really loves you. Doubting God’s forgiveness. Lacking the motivation […]

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why your prayers dont seem to work

Why Your Prayers Don’t Seem To Work

This may sound odd, but God doesn’t hear everyone’s prayers. “Wait Ben, I thought God was omniscient. He knows everything everybody thinks and says. How can He not hear someone’s prayer?” Well, it depends on the definition of ‘hear.’ God is aware of everyone’s prayers (because He is all-knowing), but He only promises to hear […]

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