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Your Systematic Theology Is Showing

They say everyone’s a critic. Well, everyone’s a theologian, too. Even in our increasingly secular, post-Christian world, theology is inescapable. You see, every worldview has theological implications. For example, atheism is the theological view that God does not exist. Secularism is the theological attempt to separate religion from everyday life. Postmodernism is the theological idea […]

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A Note To Calvinists

Dear Calvinist, I respect you. I am humbled by your deep reverence for Scripture. I have no doubt in your love for the Lord and your thirst for truth. Many of your Reformed friends, through their writings, have helped me grow as a preacher and have taught me how to better understand the mysteries of […]

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Q&A: What Is The Principle of Silence?

The principle of silence (also called the principle of exclusion or the principle of specificity) is one of the most important principles for the Christian to understand. It determines what is permitted or prohibited in all aspects of faith and religion. Simply put, the principle of silence states that God’s silence on a particular issue […]

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What Is Restoration Theology?

Imagine that within the next few generations, people stop drinking Coca-Cola. The “Coca-Cola” logo, currently the most recognizable logo in the world, is forgotten to obscurity, and the Coca-Cola Company goes bankrupt, sells its assets, and is completely dissolved. It’s as if Coca-Cola never existed. But one day, decades later, someone is sifting through a […]

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